Business Health Assessment


Thank you for your interest in this ongoing conversation on how to practically apply principled wisdom to the current challenges facing your business. As you are confronted with new information and opportunities every day, we hope to encourage and equip you to lead your business with confidence!

Blue Trust’s Business Consulting division was created to provide practical expertise to business owners as they seek to faithfully steward the companies with which they have been entrusted. Our experience in advising businesses and their owners on various strategic, financial, and transition planning decisions allows us to design and orchestrate plans unique to each client’s needs. These needs are usually addressed in three specific categories. They are:

Aligning Business Purpose – Developing a purpose-driven organization takes intentional planning and continued focus to achieve, and begins with corporate governance, leadership, and financial health assessments.

Enhancing Corporate Value – Corporate value is directly correlated with the ability of the organization and its leaders to create and execute on business strategy around the corporate vision and accompanying short and long-term business plans.

Preserving Legacy – Long-term impact of an organization can be preserved and enhanced when leaders intentionally plan for the business beyond their own involvement, either through an internal succession or external transaction.

We believe that principled wisdom and sound stewardship can be applied to build, sustain, and grow healthy, valuable companies.  To assess how well you are leading your business in these areas, we invite you to complete this Business Health Assessment:



First, a couple of questions about you

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